Hypester Games is a game studio that creates Free-to-Play games. Our games are for casual play and are available on Facebook Canvas platform and iOS.

Our Team

Hypester Games is a multi-national team of professionals from a wide range of gaming and technical backgrounds. By now we have grown 21 strong and are constantly looking for new talent.

Ronald Kozak - Head Designer

Ronald manages our design team and creates insane amounts of beautiful art every day.

Marko Mänd - CEO

Team Leader and our in-house visionary. Marko keeps the team moving and is constantly looking for the Next Great Thing.

Ürjo Vaher - Game Designer

Ürjo is responsible for the core architecture of our games i.e. the BIG PICTURE. Also, our Marketing Guru.

Andres Korberg - Game Designer

Andres creates the building blocks of our games. He heads the Content Team and makes sure the games keep getting better.

Kaaren Kaer - Creative Lead

Kaaren heads the Creative Team and is responsible for how our games look.

We are hiring!

Wa are always looking for great programmers, game testers and people with marketing expertise. These positions are currently open:

  • Game Interaction Designer
  • HTML5 Coder
  • Unity3D Coder
  • Acquisition Specialist
  • QA Specialist / Game Tester
  • Content Creator / Level Builder

Feel free to write to us: info[at]

Come Find Us

Our headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Tallinn and a branch in gorgeous Tartu.

Contact us


Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn, 10617, Estonia